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Hi! My name is Juli Rovira. After work experience in many sectors, I have made the decision to reorient my professional career with the aim of continuing to learn and, also, contribute all my acquired experience.

I consider that change is a sign of the ability to excel and, therefore, I believe that I would always be able to add value to the company where I am.

My main objective is to develop professionally and evolve in my sector, so I look for opportunities that allow me to do so, while trying to fully align myself with the objectives of the company.


I am currently studying the Degree in Business Administration and Management (ADE) at UVic 2019-2023.

I consider myself a responsible, dynamic and creative person, with ease of adaptation and ability to work with a team, with initiative to solve problems efficiently and with ease to work under high pressure conditions.

  • Fullname: Juli Rovira Godayol
  • Birth Date: June 28, 1996
  • Job: Freelancer, Frontend Developer
  • Website:
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Human intelligence goes beyond the cognitive and intellectual aspects.

Personal skills are essential to achieve goals in life in general, but when you have your own business, certain skills and abilities prevail over others to carry out your work successfully.

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    UX / UI
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More of my credentials.

I am happy to have you on my website, so I want to give you my sincere welcome!

Thanks for visiting my website!

Work Experience

Restaurant Worker / RangCheff

2019 - 9 months

The Pig At Combe

We are a personal collection of small lifestyle hotels and restaurants within two groups – Lime Wood Group and Home Grown Hotels (THE PIGs).

THE PIGs are really restaurants with rooms and kitchen gardens. The concept was created in 2011 with THE PIG, Brockenhurst and our litter now consists of five hotels with the latest additions of THE PIG- in the wall, THE PIG- near Bath, THE PIG- on the beach and THE PIG- at Combe joining the original, with every expectation of more to follow soon. Each hotel has its own personality and sense of self. Each evolved rather than interior designed, with laid-back warm service, and a genuine commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

With an obsessive commitment to home grown and local produce, THE PIGs celebrate the seasons and use only the best, freshest and most authentic foods and ingredients. It is all about our kitchen gardens, they are the beating heart of each operation… everything is driven by the gardener/forager and chef.

The hotel is 15 miles away from Exeter; the drive should take 20 minutes. There’s free parking when you arrive.

Travelling on the M5 North or South or from Exeter take junction 29 onto the A30 and head East towards Honiton, exit the A30 for Feniton and follow signs to Gittisham and the brown Pig signs.

A30/A35 west, after Honiton, exit the A30 for Fenny Bridges and follow the brown Pig signs to Gittisham.

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Worker Bekaert Deslee

2018 - 2019

Bekaert Deslee

Bekaert Deslee is a textile company specialized in the production of knitted and woven mattress and mattress fabrics.

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Worker Supermarket

2017 - 3 months

Bon Preu

Cashier and stockpiler job position at Bon Preu Supermarkets.

Music Technician

2016 - 2019

Costa i Font Cultural Center

It is a municipal facility whose main objective is to promote activities that promote social and cultural development, the promotion of associative life, in general, the participation of citizens in the tasks of the community.

It is located in an old textile factory, where the architecture of sixty years ago has been adapted to current needs and uses.

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Programmer and Web Designer in Practice

2017 - 2018

Area22agency - Barcelona

Helping this company to develop web applications and implemented the design.

Programmer and Web Designer in Practice

2016 - 2017

Universidad de Vic

Final project of CFGS web with collaboration, made for the university of vic.

Programmer and Web Designer in Practice

2015 - 2016

Sigma, helping universities to succeed

Helping Universities Succeed.

At SIGMA we work for the university community. Our ACADEMIC and RESEARCH solutions help optimize academic and research management systems in higher education institutions.


Degree in Business Administration and Management

2019 - Present

University of Vic - Central de Catalunya (UVic-UCC)

The degree in Business Administration and Management (BAM) trains professionals to work in a business environment. You will gain in-depth knowledge of functional areas of business, including administration and finances, logistics, marketing, human resources and internationalisation, which will enable you to take on management roles in any kind of company.

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Master in Digital Marketing and Social Networking


University of Vic - Central de Catalunya (UVic-UCC)

The Master in Digital Marketing and Social Networks provides students with the necessary training to know in depth the operation of Digital Marketing, search engine positioning, social media strategies, as well as the different techniques of online marketing.

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Master in Design of Digital Experiences


BAU, University Center of Design of Barcelona

The Master in Digital Experience Design provides the knowledge needed to understand the capabilities of digital tools and design beyond the visual layer. In today’s ever-changing society, people and businesses adapt to the means and ways of doing and interacting, and so it is necessary to design a consumer’s ideal experience in relation to a brand. To do this, it is necessary to investigate the context, define archetypes, identify problems and needs, detect opportunities and pain-points and, of course, design the perfect Customer Journey.

The master's degree applies Agile techniques for digital product development, to work in an incremental iterative way, and the Design Sprint methodology of Google Ventures, to know how to face the challenges or points of improvement identified in the Customer Journey always focusing on vision business.

Words like Discovery, Research, Ideation, Journey, Prototyping, Sketch, Sprint or Release will become your day-to-day vocabulary.

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CFGS Multiplatform Application Development


University of Vic - Central de Catalunya (UVic-UCC)

The CFGS Multiplatform Application Development student learns to develop, implement, document and maintain cross-platform computer applications using specific technologies and development environments, ensuring secure data access and meeting usability, gameplay criteria and quality required by established standards.

Learn database programming and management, project management, interfaces, and business application management with access to databases, client applications, or entertainment applications.

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Col·legi PIVE

The Colegio Residencia PIVE is a private school, without any level of agreement, mixed, secular and open to all families who think that the education of their children should be based on the values that we promote. PIVE is a family school where humane treatment and dialogue between students, families and teachers are two fundamental pieces of its educational and training activity.

The PIVE is aware that the reduced number of students in the classrooms is one of the conditions that must be met if individual monitoring and personalized attention are to become effective and useful support tools for students. Only in this way, teachers and professors can be attentive to the particularities of each of their students and create strategies that respond to all needs.

The figure of the tutor is fundamental in our gear and for this he has a few hours a week to personally attend to the students and their families. The tutor is in charge of making the personalized follow-up of his students, of solving the questions that arise throughout the course, of requesting the help of the school psychologist in his case and of acting as a bridge between the school and the families.

The PIVE School provides up to 5 more teaching hours a week than those established by the Department of Education. The more complete schedule of the school allows more hours to be devoted to instrumental subjects and to teach, in Primary, the subjects of Computer Science and Typing, and French as a fourth language. The school offers a pre-classroom and post-classroom reception service for all students. In addition, Early Childhood and Primary Education students, who finish their classes at 5:00 p.m., can stay at school until 6:00 p.m.

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I'd Love To Hear From You. My door is always open to new projects and collaborations. hire us or just say hi


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I'd Love To Hear From You. My door is always open to new projects and collaborations. hire us or just say hi


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I'd Love To Hear From You.

My door is always open to new projects and collaborations. hire us or just say hi

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